Our 5 Favorite Music Blogs From Amplify RED

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From hip-hop scribes to vinyl tribes, our year has been one long mix tape. Here are our stand-out tracks…

How was your year soundtracked? Us? We’ve one word that’ll cover it. Eclectic. From the gritty subcultures of the world’s most musically-minded cities through to the all night (and all day) parties of the White Island (that’s Ibiza, to the uninitiated) via the shops at the frontline of vinyl’s amazing renaissance, we lapped up quality tunes and places to hear them.

Here are just some of the features that kept us moving…

Minneapolis Insider’s Guide Music Part 1

We don’t have favorites. But if we did, chances are Minneapolis would be up there when it comes to cities where the music runs deep through its DNA. From bars to venues, hangouts to secret clubs, the Twin Cities’ musical powerhouse keeps the blood pumping around our veins. And the first places to check out were on our insiders’ guide…



Top 5 Tracks From Ibiza 2017

Dance music is dead. We think we saw that on a t-shirt somewhere around 2005. Well, we’d beg to differ. And Ibiza continues to show that reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated. It’s just mutated and moved on to a whole new generation of places and spaces where the biggest DJs come to lead the faithful. We rounded up our best tracks, courtesy of the good people at Uneek Ibiza and can confirm – blissed-out techno still moves our world.



Glasgow’s Music Scene

Whatever you do, don’t call Glasgow Scotland’s second city. At least, not when you’re talking about music. This vital, thrilling urban playground has always been the one to watch when it comes to music that breaks free of the country’s borders and infests the airwaves around the world. Our round-up doesn’t name check the next Most Likey To’s, instead it invites you to find them yourself – by giving you a roadmap of the places where you’re most likely to see them playing out.



The Best Record Stores To Vist In Red Cities

For a while, we thought that record shops might be no more. But no, we’ve witnessed nothing short of a back to the future revolution in the past few years as musicians, collectors and Millennials alike have fallen in love with the warm hug of sound you only get with black plastic. And these are the best places to rekindle your love affair…



6 of Red’s Favorite Hip-Hop Blogs

You’d expect hip-hop lovers to be fresh when it comes to opinion and attitude. And you’d be right. The world’s best hip-hop blogs are vital resources for keeping up to date on the second coming of Eminem (that’s a real thing), and the maneuvers of the world’s best underground movers and shakers, and we rounded the best of the best up: so you can save time working on those dope rhymes.



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