Let us introduce you to Pillar Point and their new single, which we’re currently obsessing over, ‘Dove’.

The video is filmed in Bogotá, Colombia and has visual artist Kia Labeija, dancing, ducking, voguing and catwalking through the city in search of her lover, who holds a cage with a dove inside of it. ‘Dove’ is directed by Jacob Krunpnick, and the video jumps into Krunpnick’s signature style of creating amazing dance narratives that are filmed in public spaces.

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Labeija dances through the streets of La Candelaria, Bogotá’s colorful, colonial neighborhood that’s filled with cool cafés, bars and amazing street art. The video is creative, playful and engaging and keeps us watching Labeija’s hypnotic dance moves the whole way through.

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‘Dove’ appears on Pillar Point’s second full length album, Marble Mouth, which was released on 22nd January 2016.


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