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Last weeks sad passing of music legend Prince Rogers Nelson has left a huge gap in the music world and one that has left fans deeply saddened by.

Prince was loved universally by millions all across the world and he will be remembered for his creativity, talent and of course his amazing music. Over Prince’s career he produced an amazing 39 studio albums, and it’s been reported that the music icon has a vault on his property that has enough unreleased material to posthumously release an album a year until the next century, pretty incredible.

So in tribute to the music legend we’ve done a round up of the top 10 Prince songs, ones sung by the man himself and some that he wrote for others (they may surprise you!).


Kiss – 1986

It’s such a timeless track and it sounds like it could have been released today. Prince originally gave the song to Mazarati, a band featuring Revolution bassist Mark Brown and Bobby Rivkin but changed his mind when they heard the funky baking track that they added. He took out most of what Mark and Bobby added but kept elements of their rhythm and then released it himself.


Purple Rain – 1984

‘Purple Rain’ is probably Prince’s most famous song, a power ballad for all the ages, a true masterpiece of musical art. The track is filled with incredible guitar work and gospel like vocals; it’s truly euphoric and is no. 52 on Rolling Stone’s ‘500 Greatest Songs of All Time’.


Raspberry Beret – 1985

This is the type of song that if you listen to it once, it’ll be going round your head for the rest of the day, fantastic, catchy, 80’s pop.


When Doves Cry – 1984

This was the last song written for ‘Purple Rain’ and it definitely helped to secure the film and album a place in music history. The opening guitar riff grabs your attention and the track was pretty revolutionary when it was released as it was the first major R&B hit to not include a bass line.


Little Red Corvette – 1982

The idea for this disco-funk track actually came to Prince after he fell asleep in band member Lisa Coleman’s pink Edsel, perfectly illustrating Prince’s musical genius and showing how he took inspiration from pretty much anything and was able to turn it into pop gold. ‘Little Red Corvette’ was also one of the first videos by a Black artist to be played on MTV.


Controversy – 1981

‘Controversy’ is a hugely catchy song and an excellent example of how Prince was able to use his music to speak about social and political issues without jeopardizing his sound. The track lays out how ridiculous he found the speculation surrounding his ethnicity, sexual orientation and so on, which many media outlets were speculating after the success of his first three albums.


Nothing Compares 2 U – 1990

This song was originally written for a band called The Family (a super-group of members whom Prince had worked with on previous projects) but Sinead O’Connor released her own version in 1990 and her version spent four weeks at number one on the Billboard top 100.


Manic Monday – 1986

After seeing the Bangles perform in LA Prince wrote ‘Manic Monday’ for them. He then sent them the demo and asked them to record it, it was an all girl bands’ first top 10 hit in the USA.


I Feel For You – 1984

‘I Feel For You’ was originally released on Prince’s second self-titled album, he released it as a special Valentine’s Day song for one of his old crushes but it wasn’t a hit for him. However in 1984 soul singer Chaka Khan recorded her own version and the track won a Grammy for Best R&B song.


Jungle Love – 1984

Prince assembled another group, The Time, and he helped to produce their hit single ‘Jungle Love’. However there was a small dispute over the song as one of Time’s former bassists claims to have written the song.

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