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As 2017 rolled in, so did the ‘New Year, New Me’ posts across social media. There’s a generalisation that you need to go full throttle when it comes to exercising and your playlist should reflect that. I’m only just getting into my rhythm and have found that a playlist that dips and peaks works better so, whether you’re heading out with your canine friend for a jog around the park, smashing a high intensity session or cooling down, here’s a selection of tracks to ease your mind. Don’t sweat it…

Dua Lipa: Be The One

‘Be The One’ was the first track I heard from Dua Lipa back in 2015. She’s now one of the UK’s biggest breakout artists and was nominated for the BRITs Critics’ Choice Award. This track is receiving a well-deserved re-release having racked up over 65 million Spotify streams and hit #1 on iTunes in 15 countries. If you need to get away from it all, even for just over three minutes, let the smoky vocals and sultriness of ‘Be The One’ envelope you.

Josef Salvat: Open Season

If you fancy some adult pop music at its best, take a plunge with Australian born singer songwriter Josef Salvat. He owes a great deal to Web 2.0 – in 2013, his debut single was shared by music bloggers across the globe, propelling him toward a new generation of fans. ‘Open Season’ is the standout track from his ‘Night Swim’ LP and is a slick electro sunburst full of “I believe in you” chants.

RAY BLK feat. SG Lewis: Chill Out

This track does exactly what it says on the tin – wind down and ‘Chill Out’ with RAY BLK. Critically acclaimed as the BBC Sound of 2017 winner and one of iTunes New Artists for 2017, RAY has a poeticism far beyond her years and ‘Chill Out’, with its glimmering urban beats is good for the soul.

Brooke Candy feat. Sia: Living Out Loud

It all started with a popular cult following on Tumblr. A cameo appearance in Grimes’ ‘Genesis’ video followed and now, Brooke Candy is emerging as LA’s hottest rapper/ singer. ‘Living Out Loud’ is the first official track from Brooke’s upcoming debut album ‘Daddy Issues’ and pays homage to her mentor and label-mate, Sia. Brooke’s explicit, irreverent ‘Das Me’ style has been replaced by pop hooks and belting lyrics that make ‘Living Out Loud’ the anthem poster-child for perseverance.

Urban Cone: Old School

Swedish indie-electro outfit Urban Cone are cool, really cool. If you’re looking for a feel-good fix or need a pick-me-up, look no further. ‘Old School’ (apt for a group of friends who met in high-school) is upbeat, irresistible and hip-hop influenced – be careful not to get too carried away.

Ruth Koleva: Tokyo

She’s already been labelled “amazing” by hit producer Mark Ronson, and Bulgarian singer songwriter Ruth Koleva is leading the new pop perfection pack. The precursor to her second album, ‘Tokyo’ is soulful with impressive RnB inspired instrumentals and an opposites attract message that absorbs you. The track is subtle, contemporary and perfect for kicking back.

SOHN: Conrad

Need to pick up the pace? It’s no coincidence that SOHN’s latest LP ‘Rennen’ is a German verb that translates to “run”. The London born artist has stripped back the production since his last offering, focusing on three main elements for each songtrack. Lead track and good example, ‘Conrad’, is a gutsy offer, blending techno-soul electronics with percussion sounds created by empty bottles and kitchen utensils from around his own house.

Campsite Dream: No Diggity

Campsite Dream are a new breed – a group of friends who travel the world and make music. They’re already hittingracking up more than 1.2 million monthly Spotify listeners thanks to the music bloggers and their cover of Blackstreet’s 90s hit ‘No Diggity’. One listen to this hankering slice of tropical house and that beach body you’ve been working on will be sinking back onto sandy beaches.

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