It was International Women’s Day on Tuesday and in celebration of this we’ve decided to end the week with a post on our favorite inspiring ladies in the musical world who always kill it and are truly inspirational in everything that they do.



Queen Bey kills it in practically everything she does and helped to bring the feminist movement to modern day pop culture. The track ‘Flawless’ from her 2014 album, ‘Beyonce’ samples author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s motivational TED talk titled ‘We Should All Be Feminists’ and she has also performed proudly in front of the word ‘FEMINIST’ on stage. Beyonce is a lady all about celebrating that girl power.



M.I.A. may be mainly known for her groundbreaking hip hop but she is also hugely political in her lyrics and stage presence. She uses her music as a way to express her opinions on bigger issues on politics, sexual stereotypes and class and this has helped to set her apart from previous artists, you go girl.



Bjork has been breaking musical boundaries for as long as we can remember and since going solo in 2003 has racked up an impressive eight albums and a number of awards. She has continued to push and play with the creativity of her music and performance and today still remains an artist that people want to experience and understand.


Lady Gaga

Queen of pop Lady Gaga has continued to inspire the world with not only her fashion choices but also her philanthropic endeavors and social activism. Whether it’s turning up to an event in a dress made of meat or an outfit made out of lots of little Kermit the Frogs Gaga sure has made her fashion mark. However what makes her so inspiring is her dedication to social causes, for example LGBT rights and her focus on youth empowerment through her Born This Way Foundation, which focus on promoting self-confidence, well-being and anti-bullying. Gaga has shown support for those who sometimes need it the most and we salute you for that Gaga.



We don’t really need to explain why Adele is so inspirational, amazing, awesome, (we could go on) but we’re going to anyway just because we want to. So of course her music continues to smash records, but it’s Adele’s down to earth, fun personality despite the fact that she’s a mega superstar that makes her so inspiring. She’s gotten drunk and paid for a fellow diner’s family’s birthday meal and managed to sort out tickets for a family from Nashville who told her that they couldn’t see her because her show was sold out. It’s the little gestures for her fans that that go the extra way and make her all the more inspiring, yay Adele.

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