Technology surrounds us every day of our lives and love it or loathe it tech devices play a hugely important role in our daily lives. Communication with friends can occur at the click of a button (even if they are on the other side of the world), hundreds of images can be taken and saved onto your phone with ease and gone are the days of having to carry around your cassette/CD player to listen to your favorite band, you can now store thousands of tracks on your phone without a problem.

The technological advancements are pretty amazing when you think about it and there is no doubt that in today’s society technology has helped to influence a number of people in their way of life, especially when it comes to their careers.

There’s one career path in particular that couldn’t have evolved into what it is today without the use of technology…. and that career is blogging. The blogging industry seems to have exploded over the last 5 to 10 years and many bloggers wouldn’t be where they are today without the use of technology. So bearing that in mind we asked a a few travel and fashion bloggers how exactly technology has influenced them as a blogger and what piece of technology they couldn’t live without.

Tom Grond @ Travel Tom Tom

Tom is a travel blogger from the Netherlands and made his first big travel move in 2006 when he decided to live on the Caribbean island of Aruba for six months and that’s how he caught the travelling bug. Since then he has travelled to some amazing places like South Africa, Indonesia, Iran, Nepal, Brazil and Thailand. He already has some pretty amazing travel plans for 2016 and is going to be exploring Malaysia, Australia, and the Philippines, we’re so not jealous at all!

How has technology influenced me as a blogger?

Without the modern day technology I would not even be a blogger I guess. The world is my playground but the internet is the place that made me travel for free. Being a blogger you have to keep up and be online constantly. Travelling is my number one passion, but creating content for my social media channels became a good second. As a blogger you have to keep up and step in to all new platforms. The newest thing now is Snapchat and I was lucky I stepped in at the right time, grew a huge follow base and was named as best Snapchat to follow for travel by Huffington Post. It looks weird to a lot of people that I am talking to my phone in selfie mode, but you have to keep up with modern technology.

What piece of technology could you not live without?

On my first trip around the world, I took my laptop with me and that was at that time pretty advanced. Wi-Fi was not a standard thing yet in hostels and in some countries internet only existed in designated internet cafés. But I cant imagine not travelling with a laptop at that time. It changed over the years though and there is no way I am leaving my hotel room without my mobile. Travelling without my mobile is unthinkable for me now. As a travel blogger I am constantly online and on Snapchat I host my own travel show. Often I am even carrying a charging device with me as Snapchat is eating my battery. Saying this I have to admit too that trekking in the Himalayas for 15 days and being cut off from the internet was a blessing!



Natalie Lucas @ From Luxe with Love

Natalie is a Perth and Sydney based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger who is a pro at creating luxurious, monochromatic content. Natalie has worked as a model and makeup artist in the past and so she uses her industry insider knowledge to offer her own take on the latest beauty and fashion trends.

A photo posted by @fromluxewithlove on

How has technology influenced you as a blogger?

As a blogger, technology has made so many things more accessible. I’m able to share what I’m doing in real time with my followers via platforms like snapchat and I can access information and contact people anytime, anywhere. Information about new products and trends is available in an instant and inspiration through platforms like Pintrest and Instagram is abundant.

What piece of technology could you not live without?

Hand’s-down my phone! It allows me to keep in touch with my friends and followers via Instagram/ Snapchat/ calls etc, and allows me to be able to work from anywhere.



Chloe Plumstead @ The Little Plum

Chloe is a fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Norwich and is a ‘petite personal style lover’. Chloe is the queen of petite dressing and her blog is filled with awesome looks on how to style outfits for ladies 5ft and under, as well as a number of sassy lifestyle posts too.

How has technology influenced you as a blogger?

You absolutely cannot be a blogger without embracing technology. Not only does it serve as the platform that your blog is built upon (Blogger, WordPress, the internet in general), it also facilitates all of the sharing of your blog content through social media. It is the way you capture content (photography), the way you edit content (Photoshop and other editing programmes) and the way you share content (blogging platforms and social media platforms). Technology has not only influenced me as a blogger, it has allowed me to become a blogger and build a career for myself that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. Technology is not only to thank for allowing blogging to become a creative outlet, but a profitable one as well.

What piece of technology could you not live without?

My phone! I’m an Instagram addict and Instagram is the main way that I connect with my audience, so I definitely couldn’t live without my daily posts. I use a lot of apps to prepare my posts for Instagram such as VCSO for editing and RewardStyle for monetising, so a lot of work goes into getting what seems like the bog-standard post ready for publishing. My phone also lets me connect with my gals over Twitter and share content from other bloggers that I love, so it’s super important for that medium to always be available to me.



Adam Groffman @ Travels of Adam

Adam is a hipster travel blogger who in 2010 quit his job as a book designer in Boston and set off on a trip around the world. His round the world trip was inspired by a short weekend trip to Reykjavik, Iceland in 2009 which inspired him to make up a new life plan and see as much as the world as he possibly could.


How has technology influenced you as a blogger?

Technology has had an impact on not just how I travel, but how I write and how I blog. Sometimes I feel as if I’m traveling through a lens – usually my phone’s camera, or the social media that I’m constantly using at home or abroad.

What piece of technology could you not live without?

My smartphone (an iPhone 6+) has become a vital part of how I travel. I use it to take photos, to check messages, to communicate with friends at home or where I’m traveling. But I suppose answering with “my phone” is a bit outdated, to be honest. Because the technology I use most on my phone are my messaging apps – WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook. I guess it’s those that really have had the most impact on my life, on how I travel and on how I communicate.


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