Brussels is a city that’s not lacking in amazing places to eat and drink. It’s a rich culinary landscape that has flavors to satisfy all appetites.

With so many delicious bars and restaurants to sample it can be difficult knowing where to go, so we thought we would see where five of the best bloggers from Brussels recommend to eat and drink in their lovely city when you stay at the Radisson RED Brussels.


S Marks the Spots

The foodie loving lady behind S Marks the Spot is Sandy, she moved to Brussels for work and fell in love with the city and all it has to offer. Her blog started off as a personal creative outlet and evolved into a place for Sandy to share her little tips and recommendations on places to visit, eat and have fun in Brussels, London, Paris and beyond!



COCO Donuts

COCO Donuts is a cute little donut shop on a quiet side street off the Petit Sablon, created by two donut loving ladies, Candice Tielemans and Chloé Sengier. Every morning they make no fewer than 200 donuts using organic and locally sourced ingredients and treat their customers to amazing flavors like wild berries, salted caramel and maple syrup and bacon!

Rue Sainte-Anne 36, 1000 Brussels, Belgium


S Marks the Spots loves COCO Donuts because the donuts are “fluffy, a little moist and not overly sweet or greasy” and the café is “a nice spot to catch up with a friend or treat your kids, but you can also purchase to take away.”


Knees to Chin

Knees to Chin is located in the area of Chatelain and offers affordable Asian-inspired street food with a healthy twist. The restaurant name is a funny little quirk and takes inspiration from the eating posture of people in the Vietnamese street markets.

Rue de Flandre 28, 1000 Brussels, Belgium


S Marks the Spots recommends Knees to Chin as it has a “playful and inviting atmosphere” and it’s “perfect for a relaxed lunch, dinner or a quick bite.”


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Beers ‘n’ Bites in Brussels

As the name suggests Beer ‘n’ Bites in Brussels is a blog dedicated to the best places for beer and food in Brussels. The blog is run by Martijn – who supplies the text and Hannah who supplies the images – and they talk about places in Brussels where you can grab a nice meal with a great beer or if you just want to go to a place that sells great beer then they cover that too!



Brasserie 28

What used to be a post office in the Central Station of Brussels is now a busy and bustling bar that serves 30 different draught beers and a whole range of other delicious bottles behind the bar. And what makes this even better is the fact that everything is available to take away! When it comes to food everything on the menu is organic and very reasonably priced.

B28 Central Station, Boulevard de l’impératrice, 3, 1000 Brussels

Beers ‘n’ Bites liked Brasserie 28 because the food was “flavorful… and there was plenty of it” and “for every beer, the brewery is mentioned first. In an era where too many breweries just name their beers after the beer style, this is something every bar should do!”


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Burgers with a little Asian twist! Baogo pairs the delicious soft and sweet BAO bun with their burger patties and top them with yummy homemade sauces – now who doesn’t like the sound of that? Some of their burger choices include pulled pork, panko chicken, and prawn katsu and you get a big portion of Xi’an spicy fries or sweet potato fries to go with your meal.

Rue Grétry 48, Brussels, Belgium 1000


Beers ‘n’ Bites loves Baogo because “bao are the perfect vehicle to get all kinds of delicious fillings in your belly!”


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Style Playground

Renowned Brussels Fashion blogger & vlogger Axelle Blanpain has a beautifully curated blog, Style Playground is filled with lots of helpful style advice for any aspiring fashionistas. But if you’re in need of some beauty, travel or lifestyle advice then Axelle is also your girl as she has a number of blog posts focusing on those topics.



Rouge Tomate

Thierry Naum is the Restaurant Director of Rouge Tomate and champions the idea that people should be eating a tasty and well-balanced diet. Rouge Tomate promotes just that and the restaurant only works with locally sourced, natural ingredients, doesn’t use butter and cooks food at low temperatures. The result – fresh and incredibly tasty food.

Rouge Tomate, Avenue Louise 190, 1050 Brussels


Style Playground said “some of the plates had that amazing texture… Everything was so yummy, I swear I could eat there for the rest of my life.”


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la Quincaillerie

la Quincaillerie, French for hardware store and also a legendary restaurant in Brussels. It’s located in a former ironmonger’s shop in the Rue du Page in Brussels and was designed by a student of Victor Horta. It’s been open since 1988 and many characteristic elements of the former shop remain, so it gives la Quincaillerie a lovely rustic feel to it. They hand rear all their chickens at their own farm in Bresse, only use seasonal vegetables from the region, and make their own bread so you know the food quality is tip-top.

la Quincaillerie, Rue du Page 45, 1050 Brussels

Axelle loves it la Quincaillerie because “they think and cook in an ecological way” and “they even have a doggy menu”.


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On Food and Wine

Run by three Brussels locals, On Food and Wine is a proper foodie blog. Initially, it started life as a cooking blog but evolved into so much more, a food and drink treasure map of Brussels and all it has to offer. Whether you’re after fine dining, the best place to grab brunch or just some tips and tricks about travel then On Food and Wine is the blog for you.



Les Brassins

Les Brassins is one of On Food and Wine favorite locals and we can see why. Tucked down a backstreet it’s a cozy restaurant/brasserie packed full of local history and decorated with nice little Belgian beer commercials and metal plaques on the walls. There’s a large selection of Belgian beers and hand-selected wines on offer but it’s the food that wins it for us. Big portions of traditional Belgian dishes that taste good at any time of the year.

Les Brassins, Rue Keyenweld 36, 1050 Brussels

On Food and Wine love Les Brassins because “the owner is full of life, the menu is straight forward, the list of Belgian beers is endless.”


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Brasserie De L’union

Located in the Saint Gilles area Brasserie De L’union is a real Brussels institution. It has a charming outdoor terrace where you can feast on excellent homemade meals and drink some great beer.

Brasserie De L’union, Parvis Saint-Gilles 55, 1060 Saint-Gilles, Brussels

On Food and Wine says the Brasserie De L’union is “a charming local bar, filled with memories, great local Belgian beers and a short but tasty food menu.”


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NewPlacesToBe is the place to be if you want to find out about the latest bars, restaurants, shops, clubs & hotels in Brussels. It’s run by Eline Van de Gehuchte and her team who scout out all the best hangouts in the city.



SAN in Brussels

Hidden away in a house on the rue de Flandre is San, a restaurant inspired by creativity and travel. The concept of SAN is simple, diners are offered a selection of bowls (which change every month) and the only utensil on offer is a spoon, but chef Sang-Hoon Degeimbre explains that this is a clever way to get diners to taste everything together. Each dish on the menu takes inspiration from a place that Degeimbre has visited and it does not disappoint!

Rue de Flandre 19, 1000 Brussels


NewPlacesToBe loves SAN because “Degeimbre is not just a top chef, but also passionate about wines. For each dish, the perfect fit glass (or even the whole bottle) is recommended.”



The humble potato, you can mash it, fry it, sauté it, oven roast it, the list goes on, but you can’t really go wrong with a classic jacket potato and that’s why we love the idea of G-Spud. The potato is the main ingredient in almost everything on the menu and G-Spud offers a variety of spuds – meat, fish, vegetables or you can create your own! G-Spud is quick, casual and offers healthy food for a great price.

Rue Jourdan 9, 1060 Brussels


Newplacestobe loves G-Spud because it’s “fast food, but in a healthy jacket”.

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