When life gives you lemons…you can always make a gin and tonic. Gin has been enjoying quite the revival lately. From Cape Town to Glasgow, this tipple is enjoying its long overdue moment in the sun.

Calling all Mix Masters

No wonder then that our team at the Radisson RED Hotel, Cape Town has recently launched its own botanical gin blending bar – no matter your level of expertise. Take a seat at our OUIBar + KTCHN and you’ll instantly feel like you’ve stepped into Harry Potter’s shoes. Our botanical gin blending bar offers those wanting to formulate their own distinct flavour of gin a step-by-step guide, with all the bits and bobs, as well as garnishes (because who doesn’t love a good garnish?) and – duh – ice and glasses. All the ingredients necessary to concoct the perfect G&T.

Want things to get even fancier? You can create your very own brand of gin! We provide you with various botanical gin flavor profiles including: juniper, citrus, naartjie, grapefruit, nutmeg and clove, cardamom, cinnamon, fynbos, honeybush, sage and thyme, rose pelargonium and lavender. Now that’s fancy. Each gin flavor profile has been distilled and blended with water to be 43% alcohol proof (the legal minimum bottling strength in South Africa). All you have to do is measure and pour.

A Flight with No Security Checks

Is all this gin alchemy too much for you? Start off with a gin tasting sessions first. For R250 a person, gin lovers – and those about to become them – will be offered tasters of our house-brands: Khoi Cloud and Skinny Dip. 

To top it all off, the Radisson RED, Cape Town also crafted its own tonic water (can you tell we’re over achievers?)  – Atonic Blonde, which is completely natural and finely balanced to ensure the taste of the gin it accompanies isn’t masked. Combining lime and grapefruit for a citrus aroma, Atonic Blonde is also lower in sugar than commercial tonic water, resulting in a zingy and mildly fruity tonic water. Serious yum.


Beer Drinkers: We’ve Got You Covered

If gin’s not your thing *cough* whodoesn’tlovegin? *cough*, you can always grab one of our brewskies: Baxter’s Bitchin Blonde. Brewed by Morne and Leonie in conjunction with Greg Casey from the Afro Caribbean Brewing Company. Well, you all couldn’t get enough of it, we decided to spread the love by introducing the “canned” Baxter’s Bitchin Blonde. The Bitchin Blonde is a 440ml can – upsized – to make space for its bold blonde flavors; with the label is designed by one of our favorite Cape Town artists, Robyn Pretorius.

No matter what your drink of choice is, we’ve got one waiting for you down at the Radisson RED, Cape Town. Now that’s something we can all “cheers” about.

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