Cape Town truly is a city with something for everyone – whatever your passion, you’ll find an exciting local way to indulge it. But if time is tight, you might only manage to explore one option that speaks to your specific interests.

This guide has been created by Emily Shaw to recommend the one ‘absolute must’ visit for every kind of enthusiast. Find your passion in the list below and let Cape Town inspire you!

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If you’re a… fashionista

If cutting edge style, catwalk creations and statement outfits are what make you fizz, you’ll find everything your heart desires at Cape Town’s edgy boutique The Lot. South African born, The Lot is a curated retailer that sources new and vintage style from all over the world. Conveniently there are a number of outlets to visit as well as an online store – so wherever you are, you’ll get your fix.

If you’re a… foodie

If you’re in the city and fancy taking your hosts or local friends out for a memorable evening, you’ll do well to visit Bistrot Bizerca. Nestled right in the heart of vibrant Bree Street in the historically valuable Heritage Square, this internationally inspired bistro delivers exquisite meals in a smart but not stiff environment. Here you are able to treat yourselves and your companions to an evening of world class food in a truly Cape environment. After dinner you might like to cross the courtyard and enjoy a nightcap at the dynamic HQ restaurant.


Cape-Town--Restaurant-Bistrot-Bizerca-IMGP6250-Edit Cape-Town--Restaurant-Bistrot-Bizerca-IMGP6256 Cape-Town--Restaurant-Bistrot-Bizerca-IMGP6265

If you’re a… culturist

If exploring the unique cultural of a place is important to your trip, you can look no further than the Africa Café experience. A feast for all the senses, in one evening you’re able to taste traditional fare, listen to original music and be entertained by a variety of artists from cultures across the fascinating African continent. Booking is essential – and come hungry as you’ll be dining in a communal banquet!


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If you’re a… night owl

Long Street might be the most famous bar and club haunt in the City but it’s certainly rivalled in variety and eclectic nature by Lower Main Street Observatory. Here, three blocks of shabby, artistically decorated buildings are packed with sidewalk cafes, pool bars, night clubs, Goth dens and live music stages. Everything is in walking distance so grab an Uber and pop in at the legendary Obviouzly Armchair for comedy or bands, try your hand at pool at Stones and have a cocktail at The Obz Cafe. Be prepared to meet colourful characters and stay up all night in this hive of energy and expression.

Cape-Town--Nightlife-Bar-Long-street-IMGP6974 Cape-Town--Nightlife-Bar-Long-street-IMGP6577-Edit Cape-Town--Nightlife-Bar-Long-street-IMGP6536

If you’re a… nature lover

Cape Town’s original tourist attraction is the world-renowned Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens and it is as show-stopping as any Big 5 safari. Set right beneath majestic Table Mountain, the gardens were created to preserve the country’s unique flora and is a celebration of incredible local vegetation, historic monuments, art and the departure point for many hikes and trails. Picnicking here is a favourite pastime and if you’re visiting between November and March you can catch a live concert on a Sunday evening on the lawns below the mountain. Perfection!

Cape-Town--Sightseeing-Kirstenbosch-Gardens-IMGP5993 Cape-Town--Sightseeing-Kirstenbosch-Gardens-IMGP6002 Cape-Town--Sightseeing-Kirstenbosch-Gardens-IMGP6030

If you’re a… water baby

White sands, granite boulders, warm turquoise water and…penguins? That’s right – all the beach babes will rejoice in a specific spot on Cape Town’s coastline as it brings a very different experience to the famous Camps Bay and Clifton beaches. Tucked away far up the coast outside of Simon’s Town is Boulders Beach, a piece of paradise for humans and the resident colony of African Penguin. The breath-taking scenery to this little beach is well worth the drive and the fee to enter. Here you can relax on soft sands and swim in warm lagoon like water alongside some of the planet’s most entertaining animals.

Cape-Town--Sightseeing-Boulders-Beach-Penguin-Sanctuary-IMGP5802 Cape-Town--Sightseeing-Boulders-Beach-Penguin-Sanctuary-IMGP5823 Cape-Town--Sightseeing-Boulders-Beach-Penguin-Sanctuary-IMGP5814 Cape-Town--Sightseeing-Boulders-Beach-Penguin-Sanctuary-IMGP5838

If you’re a… market maniac

Cape Town is full of markets – vintage clothing, organic produce, gifts markets and even discarded furniture markets. But if it’s the full experience you’re after, the Neighbourgoods Market at the Old Biscuit Mill Market will do nicely. Every Saturday morning, come rain or shine the market assembles at the Old (but very chic) Mill in Salt River with over 100 specialty traders offering up a huge variety of organic food, artisanal producers, local designer labels and live entertainment. Get there early to avoid the crowds and bring cash to dodge the ATM queues.






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