Hilda Grahnat is a freelance photographer based in Gothenburg, here she gives us the inside story on all the best places so you can live like a local.

Gothenburg is a good city for walking; nothing is far away. If I only had a day to spend in Gothenburg, I would start it with either an artisanal coffee in the tiny courtyard of Kale’i Kaffebar (Kyrkogatan 13) or with hearty Swedish waffles at Latteria in Antikhallarna (Västra Hamngatan 6), a 19th century bank palace turned antique hall. Then I would sneak into Victoriapassagen off Vallgatan, an alley that houses a few small shops, a café  and my favorite, the specialty paper and stationery store Rum för papper (Vallgatan 19).

Hilda Grahnat Hilda Grahnat Hilda Grahnat

I would then walk to the other end of Vallgatan where you’ll find hip stores like Grandpa (Vallgatan 3) and Artilleriet (Magasinsgatan 19) and sustainably made Scandinavian furniture and interior store Norrgavel (Magasinsgatan 22). I would circle the block to reach Floramor & Krukatös (Kaserntorget 8) plant and interior store, hidden away in yet another cobble stone alley, run by a mother daughter duo and filled with gorgeous plants and handmade pottery.

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Hilda Grahnat Hilda Grahnat Hilda Grahnat

For lunch I would get fried herring with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam from the Strömmingsluckan food truck (Magasinsgatan 17), a popular spot all through the year.

Hilda Grahnat

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To regain a little body heat or to just get away from the crowds and commerce, I would then spend an hour in Palmhuset (the Palmhouse) in the Garden Society of Gothenburg (Slussgatan 1, enter from Bältesspännarparken or Drottningtorget), a beautiful greenhouse built in 1887 that houses a big variation of exotic and tropical plants. The little cast iron benches tucked in between and under the plants are perfect for a moment of quiet. Recitals, concerts and art exhibitions are arranged in the space occasionally, too.

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Hilda Grahnat Hilda Grahnat Hilda Grahnat

I would keep walking through quaint area Haga, stop by Market 29 (Haga Nygata 29) for some nice-smelling Swedish made hand soap by L:a Bruket, pop into Bebop Antik (Kaponjärgatan 4) to browse their collection of mid-century Scandinavian homeware, and finally land at combined organic cafe and vinyl record store Santo Domingo/Dirty Records (Andra Långgatan 4 A) where they serve Dominican quality coffee, sweet treats and a popular soup lunch in a relaxed vibe.

Hilda Grahnat Hilda Grahnat Hilda Grahnat Hilda Grahnat Hilda Grahnat

If I haven’t had enough of shopping, I would visit Myrorna (Järntorgsgatan 10), four stories of well assorted vintage clothes and thrifty finds, some more unique than others, and Emmaus (Linnégatan 9), another chain of goodwill thrift stores with a good selection of mid-century kitchenware. If you’re a fan of liquorice, Sjutton kvadratmeter lakrits (Plantagegatan 13) – literally 17 square meters of liquorice – must not be missed.

Hilda Grahnat Hilda Grahnat

I would end the day with a vegetarian dinner at Hagabions café and a movie at Hagabion (Linnégatan 21), both housed in an old school and a refreshing alternative to the Hollywood-centric selection of the bigger movie theater chains.

Hilda Grahnat Hilda Grahnat



Hilda Grahnat

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25 – 35


Observing and documenting, traveling, flea market hunting, Swedish ‘fika’, green plants, independent magazines.


Being the center of attention, xenophobia, body shaming, ignorance and everything else that’s bad.

Life Motto:

It’s not what you are that holds you back, it’s what you think you are not.



Hilda Grahnat (www.hildagrahnat.com) is a freelance photographer based in Gothenburg. Her clients are both editorial and commercial, mainly in lifestyle, interiors and portraits. Her favorite subject is creatives and their work and spaces. She loves to work with people who are passionate about what they do.

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