Weekends are overrated. Or so say Atlanta-based craft brewers, Monday Night Brewing. As the name suggests their business grew from a Monday night gathering, in particular a bible study group, who wanted to get to know each other better and ended up with a successful business. We spoke to Monday Night Brewing to discover how it all came about.

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Monday Night Brewing was created from of a small Atlanta-based bible study group. How did you develop from bible study to ale brewing?

Our bible study started meeting socially on Monday Nights to brew beer. We were doing it just for fun at first, but it kind of snowballed on us. It was not an easy process. It took us 3 years to learn how to brew and develop some good recipes. We then had to figure out how to legally make and sell beer in Georgia, where we are based. We met with distributors, found investors, and started developing the brand. We actually started a blog pretty early on which helped us gain a following.

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When did you realise your beers could be created into a successful business? How did you go about transforming your small brewing operation into a profitable venture?

Once we started having completely random people show up in our driveway to drink and brew with us, that’s when we knew we had something special. Word started to travel without us even having to promote, so that’s when we started taking it a bit more seriously.


Some of the names of your ales are hilarious! Can you tell us more about your products?

We have 4 flagship brands – our dark, malty scotch ale called Drafty Kilt, a crisp, easy-drinking IPA called Eye Patch Ale, a ginger-infused Belgian wit called Fu Manbrew, and a West Coast style tropical IPA called Slap Fight. We spend years sometimes on recipe development, so seeing so many of our beers sell well has been very rewarding.


We love your motto of ‘Weekends are overrated’. How did you come up with this and what does it mean for you?

“Weekends are overrated” is really about how we got started and who we are. We were all working white collar day jobs. We were brewing on Mondays, traditionally the worst day of the week. But we actually started looking forward to Mondays, and it was at that point we realized we should be making each day count. It was important to us to have our day jobs matter and mean something, so it’s about appreciating every day equally.


Monday Night Brewing is based in Atlanta. What do you love most about the city?

Atlanta has a vibrant cultural and arts scene. The people who live in the city love the city and fight for the city. Atlanta sometimes doesn’t get the respect it deserves, it flies under the radar a little bit, but whenever I host out of town friends, they’re always blown away by how cool this city actually is.


Your brewery is an incredible space! Can you tell us more about your brewery tours and what visitors can expect when they visit Monday Night Brewing?

Our tours are a little funky due to Georgia laws. We’re open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 5:30-7:30pm and Saturday 1-4pm. You pay $12 for a tour and along with that you get a pint glass to take home and 6 6oz samples (36oz total) of beer to drink on site. We’ve always got taproom-only brews available so you really do have to come to the brewery to get the full Monday Night experience. Be sure to see our giant wall of neckties!

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Atlanta has a burgeoning microbrewery industry. What makes Monday Night Brewing stand out from other breweries in the city?

We are trying to brew balanced, flavorful ales that pair well with food. There are a ton of great breweries here, each trying to do something a little different. Some brew only sour beers, some brew only Belgian beers. We’re trying to fill that niche for beers that aren’t overpowering in flavor, but are interesting. They can fade into the background over a good conversation, or they can take the forefront, depending on what your mood is.


Can you provide your top tips for a first time visitor to Atlanta?

Outside of the normal tourist attractions, spend some time in Decatur walking the Square, in Little 5 Points, and on the Westside. Each has such a unique culture and the food is incredible. While you’re on the Westside, make sure to pop over and visit us!



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