You’d expect RED to be all over the world’s coolest destinations. And you’d be right. This year, our on-the-ground intel sniffed out some of the planet’s most essential sights. And talking of sniffing out, there’s a shaggy dog tale in here too…

Travel moves us. But being there is the important bit. That’s why, in our world, insider tips are like gold dust. Because they allow us to cut to the chase and stop wasting time seeing the run-of-the-mill and the tourist trap, and head straight for the hidden gems and the under-the-radar favorites. Our network of informed, curious and well-connected locals are our eyes and ears on the world. Yours too. And this year, they came home with the goods…


5 Brussels Blogger Food & Drink Recommendations

Quickest way to the soul of a place? Through its food, of course. And nowhere is that more evident than in Belgium’s captivating capital, Brussels. And the quickest way to find the tastiest stuff? By asking a food blogger, naturally. But why stop at one, when five will do? We cooked up a treat with Brussels’ five tastiest bloggers, and their freshly baked takes on the city’s food and drink scene.


Top Things To Do In Hong Kong

There really is nowhere like Hong Kong with its east-meet-west vibe and a cosmopolitan, frenetic feel. But make no mistake, this tiny autonomous territory offers a wealth of things to see and do out of all proportion to its size. So where do you start? Well, you could do a lot worse than take these fine recommendations – from temples to tea ceremonies…


10 of the Tallest Skyscrapers in the World


When cities run out of space, there’s only one thing for it. Build up! (Well, technically, they can build down too, but up makes for a much more interesting skyline). And, as our Instagram round up of the world’s tallest buildings showed: the world of the super-high skyscraper really is on the move. Seemingly every month, there’s another megalithic monument to steel, glass and sky-high thinking racing up into the heavens.


12 Hours: Cape Town

So, Cape Town, pleased to meet you. We’re sorry we can’t hang around, so show us what you got. That’s, basically, the gist here. What do you do when you find you’ve a day free in South Africa’s cultural melting pot? Well, after an early morning surf it’s time to get caffeinated and head out on a day trip that takes in art, shopping and sundowners. In other words, our sort of day. Yours too, we bet.


Radisson RED Minneapolis Pet Only Hotel

And finally, what do you give the pampered pooch that’s got everything (clue: they’re partial to Fatboy beanbags, if you’re stuck for ideas). Well, at the beginning of April (ahem) we revealed our latest expansion plans. Including a hotel exclusively for our four-legged friends. At least, we think we did… (April Fool but do have great pet policy!)

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