The Minneapolis skyline is probably one of the most iconic city skylines in the USA. We ask five of our favorite local photographers to let us in on the secrets of capturing the perfect picture and sharing their best-loved views of the city. Your Instagram feed will love these!

Chris Adams aka Trap Adams

“Luckily I have a few images of the skyline that nobody else has but can no longer see that particular view. I would say the best place to view the sunset hitting the buildings would be the observation deck of 4marq. Here is an image from a somewhat similar view from that direction!”


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Derek Warner aka Dwisionary

“So my personal favorite spot in Minneapolis to photograph the city and skyline from is at the base of the Stone Arch Bridge. There is a set of stairs leading down to it that are almost hidden. This location is a must-go due to the beauty of the skyline as it meshes and reflects off of the brilliant Mississippi River waters. Adding the bridge into the foreground with the city skyline in the background makes it one of the top views of Minneapolis.”


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Zach Butler aka Zbutler

“I would have to say anywhere along the east bank of the Mississippi spanning from the Stone Arch Bridge to Boom Island Park. These locations aren’t necessarily unique and undiscovered but they are a must-go when you’re in Minneapolis. The city definitely lights up and comes to life around golden hour with the sun setting behind the skyline and reflecting on the Mississippi.”


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Gian Lorenzo Ferretti

“In my experience the best spots to photograph the iconic Minneapolis Skyline from are; St. Anthony Falls, Hennepin Bridge from Nicollet Island, Washington Bridge on the University of Minnesota campus and the Foshay Tower. The best times to go? Either early morning or sunset.”


Erin Brousseau aka Erinbphotos

“From my experiences of exploring the city, I have found that the best place to view the beautiful skyline of Minneapolis both day and night, is from the Stone Arch Bridge, facing the city. The views from the bridge not only show the breathtaking city skyline, but this view of the bridge also captures the culture of Minneapolis by highlighting the architecture of its riverfront and flour milling past. This bridge is a vibrant part of the city with many festivals and events happening frequently on and along the accompanying riverfront.”

“I chose this photo as I think it represents the Stone Arch Bridge’s beauty, history, and vitality.”


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