Keep Portland Weird is not just the the unofficial motto of this buzzing Oregon city — it’s literally a way of life. Creative, unstuffy, stimulating, there’s something about hipster Portland that brings out the bizarre best of everyone. Here are 5 fun ways you can help keep Portland in the zone…


The Magic is in The Hole


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Just TRY guessing the names of these donuts. Think “Baby, I gotcha money” and Toucan Sam.

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Late night doughnut lovers with an urge to put a ring on it head for the Old Town’s original Voodoo Doughnut and Wedding Chapel. The doughnuts are obvs the main attraction with favourites including the Bacon Maple Bar – a traditional maple bar with, yes, real bacon, and the eponymous house doughnut: a chocolate-icing covered gingerbread-person-doughnut punctured by pretzels, with wounds oozing raspberry jam. Once you’ve sorted your sugar and carb cravings, getting married is also an option – thanks to a weird choice of wedding and commitment ceremony packages.




Bare If You Dare

Portland is BIG on bikes. And, every June, thousands of cyclists pedal commando through the streets as part of the World Naked Bike Ride – in a global protest against oil dependency. The Portland “bare as you dare” event is the largest in the world and the route is kept secret, with only the starting point revealed in advance. Alcohol and inappropriate behaviour are outlawed.  But the ride has become a festive tradition, with a great choice of rockin’ after-parties. Dress code: clearly optional…


Get Spooked in the the Shanghai Tunnels


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The Shanghai Tunnels are very spooky. It was a very good tour and fascinating history.

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In the years between 1850 and 1941, Portland was so notoriously wild and dangerous, it was known as the Forbidden City of the West.  And it became home to a vast underground network of passages – known as the Shanghai Tunnels – which linked a web of hotels and dive bars with the docks on the Willamette River. The tunnels were used for a host of illicit activities. Fit young men, for example. were drugged and dragged through the tunnels to work as forced labor on ships. Explore this underworld of darkness on the Portland Underground Walking Tour… and feel a seismic shiver as you listen to the grisly legends.


Visit Madcap Museums

Portland’s range of museums is, errm, eclectic, to say the least. Choices include Starks Vacuum Museum, the Freakybuttrue Peculiarium – where you can eat a bug sundae and the Hat Museum. Housed in a bizarre, historic mansion, the extensive hat collection includes vintage, men’s, women’s, Victorian, Edwardian, silly, novelty, retro, and international. And, for those that just aren’t easily impressed, there’s also a Thanksgiving hat that sings…


And finally…


Pose Under the Keep Portland Weird Sign


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i fit in here 👽 #keepportlandweird #portland #sarahtravels

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The Keep Portland Weird slogan is meant to celebrate the uniqueness of the city and promote local businesses. You’ll see it on websites, windows and bumper stickers throughout the town. Make Portland’s special message the headline of your souvenir selfie when you pose under the huge painted wall, found just South of the Burnside bridge.


Whatever the one-offs that have wowed you in Portland, there’s always room for originals at the friendly, trendy Radisson RED, Portland. So book NOW for an inspiring break – and put the ‘we’ in weird…

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