Is there anything better than traveling with your best pup friend? They love to go wherever you go and they make the trip more memorable. When planning your trip, it’s best to check into dog friendly hotels. There’s some basic essentials that you should take with you on your journey to keep your pup comfortable and safe. 

#1 Safety 

These items will not only help prevent your dog from distracting you while you guys hang out together, but they’ll prevent any opportunities for them to get lost. 

Consider traveling with the following items for your pup: 

  • First Aid Kit: Stop by your local vet and make sure that you have some stuff to help to treat a wound or if your dog gets sick. 
  • Dog Seatbelt Harness: This will keep your best friend strapped in when moving and they won’t be hopping from seat to seat with excitement.
  • Dog Crate: This helps your dog feel more at home when you stay at a hotel or if you need to step out the place you’re staying at for a while. 
  • ID Tag: Make sure your fluff wears a tag with your contact details so you can be contacted if you get separated. 
  • Vet’s Details: Make a list of vets in the area that you’ll be visiting in case there’s an emergency, and have your fluff’s vet’s details on hand. 

#2 Your Fluff’s Bed

Both you and your pup need to be comfortable, and if you’re not sharing the bed with your dog then you may want to take their bed with you. This will also help them settle down better in a new environment with lots of new smells. Even if you’re in a snug room, temperature changes can still affect your pup, so be sure to pack their blanket to keep them warm. Depending on the breed of dog you have, you may want to keep up with their grooming needs. Taking their brush will allow you to keep your dog’s coat in tip-top shape.

#3 Food and Traveling Water Bowl

Dog with dish

One of the best parts of traveling with your dog is that you get to stopat interesting places so they can take a break. This will also give you a chance to let them have a drink and something to eat. Some dogs have a sensitive stomach and having their food with you will prevent any unfortunate accidentes if you’ve had to change their kibble. Not every place may stock the necessary food for them. Pack their favorite treats so that you can reward your fluff for being a good dog on the journey. 

#4 Time for Fun

Depending on where you’re going and what you’ll be doing, you’ll want to take some of your pup’s toys and leash with you. This way if you’re visiting a new city for the first time, you can take your pup with you for a walk to explore. Their toys will also help to provide mental stimulation for your friend, especially while you’re driving or if you have to leave where you’re staying for a bit. Puzzle treats or other interactive toys will help keep their mind active.

#5 Cleaning Kit

You’re going to have to clean up after your pup has done their business, and in some places this is the law. Make sure that you’ve packed the waste bags and some clean wipes. Depending on how long you’ll be traveling, you may want to take some flea and tick shampoo with you. Fluffs can surprise us by taking a lovely mud bath and you don’t want your dog to pick up something along the way.


Traveling with your dog can be fun and can be a great way to spend some bonding time together. Even if you’re traveling to another city like Portland, you want to make sure that both you and your pup have a safe and pleasant journey. 



Post written by Mike Powell is an avid dog lover who frequently travels with his dog. He’s picked up some tips and tricks during this time about how to make traveling fun, safe and stress-free for both him and his pup. He writes about all things dog at Dog Embassy

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