The neighborhood of Usaquen is the perfect place to spend your Sunday if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of busy Bogotá. Once a separate town, it became part of Bogotá in the 1950s but has still managed to maintain its small-town feel.

Usaquen flee market. Destinations in Bogota / Colombia

Sunday Shopping Spree

You can spend the day strolling along the pretty cobblestone streets or have a great meal in one of the many restaurants. However our favorite thing to do on a Sunday in Usaquen is to visit Bogota’s best-known market, Usaquen Flea Market (Carrera 5 / Calle 120 in Usaquen Village).

The market is on every Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday from 11am to 4pm and it’s easy to lose track of the day with stall after stall to explore.

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Usaquen flee market. Destinations in Bogota / Colombia

Gifts Galore

Street musicians serenade you along your way whilst you browse at all the market goodies. It’s the ideal place to buy traditional Colombian gifts and souvenirs, and you can find a huge range of hand made jewellery, rugs, toys, beautiful religious paintings and clothes, as well as lots of traditional Colombian food to nibble on whilst you’re shopping.

Usaquen flee market. Destinations in Bogota / Colombia Usaquen flee market. Destinations in Bogota / Colombia Flee market in the downtown. Destinations in Bogota / Colombia

Cash Only

Don’t be afraid to have a good wander around and look at a number of stalls as many will have similar items and it’s always good to price compare before making your final purchase. Many of the sellers just deal in cash so ensure you’ve got enough with you so you don’t miss out on buying that Mochila or sombrero because you didn’t have enough, buy it there or regret forever, we did warn you.

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Usaquen flee market. Destinations in Bogota / Colombia Usaquen flee market. Destinations in Bogota / Colombia

Barter, barter, barter! It’s common practice to haggle in markets and by doing so you can end up with some amazing bargains but make sure you’ve brushed up on your negotiation skills before you begin.

  • Your starting price should be half the price you are actually willing to pay, this means that the seller will give you a price lower than the original and then you can begin the negotiation process before you both agree on the final price.
  • If the sellers’ price is too high, hesitate and say you’re off to look somewhere else, they won’t want to lose the sale so they will usually lower their offer.
  • Set yourself a maximum price that you would be willing to pay for an item, this means that if the seller isn’t quite lowering the price like you hoped for then you won’t be tempted to settle for a higher price than you originally planned and overspend on the item.

Usaquen Flea Market really is the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon soaking up the Colombian atmosphere and stock up on lots of lovely souvenirs to take back home.

Usaquen flee market. Destinations in Bogota / Colombia


Usaquen Flea Market

Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays, 11:00am to 4:00pm.

Carrera 5 / Calle 120 in Usaquen Village.

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