Image : Leaf and Petal Vintage, Karen Lynch

Image by Chris Quinlan

This is an oil painting on a canvas painted with a palette knife. It is an autumn landscape abstract impressionism.

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Image by Ryan Ennis

This is a sketch of Heuston Station by Irish artist Ryan Ennis.

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Image by Abeer Elkhateb

This painting is 1 of 5 paintings, each painting represents a short narrative story. The stories represent stages in love, life, surrender and being at peace with the universe.

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Image by ManuelaMeli Zuniga

A woman reminiscing about her past love, she is lighting a cigarette in nostalgia...

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Image by Daniela Kennedy

Daniela uses red in all of her paintings to convey happiness and energy.

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Image by Nicolas Bruno

This is a self portrait painting by Nicholas Bruno which has been influenced by his frequent episodes of sleep paralysis.

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Image by Machaela Norris

Becoming Yourself - A serigraph that visualizes the endless possibilities of what you can become, where you may go, and what you will learn along the way.

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Image by Mark Byrne

Mark makes beautiful dresses and costumes out of balloons.

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Image by Jazmine Collett

The Galaxy We Don't Quite See

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Image by Alison Thomas

This is a life sized piece of art dedicated to Alison's husband who died of cancer. It is titled 'Morphing Merman'.

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Image by Lizzie OzPrinozic

Lizzie creates daily visual poetry from decidedly deciduous detritus.

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Image by Lea Cyrielle MariellaBRINON

Using colorful tones, Lea focuses mainly on composition and the presence of light in her art, both essential for photographic processes and for the final piece outcome.

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Image by Ryan Jacques

Acrylic painting on canvas titled 'Chaotic World' by USA artist Ryan Jacques.

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Image by Kevin Johnson

A mixed media piece of art using acrylics, graphites, gel pens, crayons and markers. It is titled 'Carousel Da Jordan' and artist Kevin completed it to honour his love for sneakers.

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Image by Liam Brennan

An acrylic painting of a mother breastfeeding her baby with eyes looking on being judged by many.

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Image by Adam Kennedy

Abstract art painting of diet soda pop.

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Image by Pete Ruiz

A graphite realism illustration using charcoal.

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Image by Jams Weatherly

Sculpture blending natural form with hand formed copper.

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Image by DANA Toon Owens

By creating art on glass, Dana is able to have two separate surfaces to work with. One side is full of color and the other has an abstract graphic composition.


Image by Sandtra Goggins

Sandtra uses a combination of different mediums in her art, she likes to use airbrush and hand paints on cutout wood in the shape of Africa.

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Image by Charles Blanton

This is an acrylic landscape painting that transforms under black light.

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Image by Jamie Ashman

A portrait oil painting on canvas of Princess Grace being married in Monaco.

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Image by Anson Henry

Prisma colors were used to convey the visual aspect of Bob Marley's performance in this painting.

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Image by Delphine Biwden

'Spirit of the Elephant' - painted for all the elephants being hunted for their tusks.

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Image by Diane Lane

Lady in Red - artist Diane Lane has used liquid glass and Swarovski crystals to enhance the acrylic.

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Image by Jackie Eksi

This is titled 'At the Centre of It All'. It has been created by spray paints on canvas and then digitally enhanced.

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Image by Sophie Gresswell

Through the Looking Glass. This artwork is a 6ft x 4ft Oil painting of a distorted portrait.

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Image by Janine Wing

This is a mixed media collage that has taken inspiration from symbolism, mythology, spirituality, dreams and desires.

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Image by Ted Hepenstal

This painting has been created using a combination of acrylic, gouache, oil pastel, ink, collage and pencil. Artist Ted loves to use bold colours to capture moods and emotions.

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Image by Gegg Cliff

This painting is titled 'Hair on Fire' by Scottish artist Gregg Cliff.

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Image by Becky Gouverneur

This is a pencil drawing of artist Becky's son, titled 'I Miss You'.

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Image by Dan Williams

The elephant in the room, Centre piece of Dan's exhibition, "Modern day anxieties " raising awareness on mental health issues.

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Image by Jennifer Eyzaguirre

This is an abstract acrylic painting on canvas.

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Image by Glenn Matthews

Irish artist Glenn's work is always big, bold and full of color.

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Image by Owen WallaceLasch

Abstraction of 'reality' - using images of artist Owen's travels and creating a new context for them to exist.

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Image by Chris Papadopoulos

This is an acrylic painting, titled 'Red Lake'.

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Image by Karsten Pukropski

Beautiful wooden bowls that are created by hand, some of the bowls cons is of over 1700 pieces of wood.

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Image by Michelle Reeves

Horse head wire and dried grapevine sculpture wrapped with garland. Painted and decorated with beads, pine cones, jewels, hard feathers, berries.

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Image by Christa Petty

'Without You' - Acrylic on canvas, the mixed emotions of letting go.

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Image by Joseph

This is an illustration by New York artist Joseph. He uses atmosphere and light to create dream-like images.

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Image by Liz Park

This is a painting on a wood panel of the famous Teton mountain range in Wyoming.

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Image by CFLegette

Southern Culture Art


Image by Maura Lucchese

USA artist Maura Lucese makes custom commissioned portraits from recycled magazines.

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Image by Rob Meehan

Through the use of paint artist Rob Meehan creates multi faceted works, characterized primarily by two distinct planes within the overall compositions.

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Image by Izzy Flynn

This is a mixed media piece of art titled 'Vibrancy is the Spice of Life'.

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Image by Nina Cashmore

This is a colorful illustration of Nina Cashmore's hometown, Daventry.

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Image by Christopher Barton

This is an illustration by USA artist Christopher Barton, he likes to leave deductions and descriptions up to the beholder.

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Image by Emily Rine

Primarily abstract expressionist working in Acrylic.

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Image by Henri Wichman

This is a hand drawn pencil drawing that has been colorized.

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Image by Beth Wittenberg

This piece of art is titled 'Cosmic Space' from the series of 'Foxy and The Questionarium'. It uses acrylic paint and markers on vinyl sheeting.

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Image by Michael Decuir

This is a water-colour painting on canvas titled 'Tamila'.

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Image by Mark Pack

This is piece of art is by Mark Pack, who creates it in different stages and layers.

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Image by David Tunks

This is titled 'Field of Heroes' and was inspired by a visit to a war memorial. Artist David Tunks drew is on his iPad.

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Image by Marcus Arceneaux

This is a colorful canvas painting by Texas artist Marcus Arceneaux.

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Image by Craig Carter

This piece of art is titled 'The Goddess' and is full of vibrant colors and bold solid outlines.

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Image by Lou Patrou

This is a hand drawn illustration using graphite on paper.

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Image by

La passion de Maria. Screen print (digitized)


Image by MartinVarennes-Cooke

This is an acrylic painting titled 'Moodswings', the artist wanted the birds in the painting to convey different emotions.

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Image by Darren Lyden

This is a textured abstract piece of art by UK artist Darren Lyden.

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Image by John Fasano

This painting is based on the human consciousness experience.

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Image by Jennifer St. John

This is an acrylic painting by Irish artist Jennifer St.John.

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Image by Kris Courtney

This is a canvas painting by American artist and author Kris Allen Courtney.

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Image by Cate Lis

Cate Lis has created a bold, vibrant and abstract painting using a combination of acrylic, oil and watercolors.

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Image by Andrea Gallagher

This is a photograph by UK artist Andrea Gallagher who loves to photograph the changing urban, suburban and rural landscapes.

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Image by Colby Nelson

This illustration was hand drawn then vectorized and coloured with Adobe Illustrator, it is called 'Monster Wheels' and signifies the fast pace of life in this monstrous world.

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Image by RuthMabee Rouleau

This oil painting on canvas was inspired by the wood storks that live near artist Ruth's house in Florida.

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Image by Kieran Eller

This drawing is by UK artist Kieran Eller.

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Image by Tracy Maxfield

This piece of art was created using a combination of watercolor, gel pens and acrylic.

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Image by Kathy Copsey

This drawing was inspired by Sifu Gus Gates and is entitled 'Harmony'.

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Image by Dviant Yazzie

Dviant Yazzie has created this painting titled 'Peace; definition'.

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Image by Durk Guidry

Acrylic painting on canvas that has been inspired by nature in Southern Louisiana.

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Image by Mallorie Maefaubert

This is a colorful abstract painting by Mallorie Maefaubert.

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Image by Tesa Terrell

Tesa handmakes her own wreaths and garlands, this is a Halloween inspired wreath.

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Image by Daniel Fernandez

This is a multimedia piece of art that combines burnt wood and acrylic wash.

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Image by Heidi Bacon

This is an acrylic painting on canvas titled 'Wounded World'.

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Image by David White

This drawing was created using prismacolor pencil by David White.

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Image by Debbie Bamsey

This piece of art is titled 'Eyes of the World', it is inspired by the artists feeling every time she hears of a disaster or atrocity in the world.

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Image by Karen Diakite

An acrylic observation from a bamboo forest in China, finished with gloss.

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Image by John Davis

Abstract acrylic on canvas.

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Image by Steven Montgomery

Paintings based on mitochondria DNA.

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Image by Eduardovaladez-arenas

This piece of art combines collaging, drawing and paint and is titled 'Macho Man Heladio'.

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Image by Jared Semik

This is a painting by Jared Semik from Ohio titled 'The Pain of Wanting'.

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Image by Judith FournyJuju

This painting is by Brooklyn artist Judith FournyJuju an it is titled 'We were here!'

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Image by Madison Briggs

This painting is titled Amazing Grace. It is a 30 x 30 inches, oil on gallery wrapped canvas.

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Image by Santa Christine HartSami

Self taught drawing

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Image by Steven Marshall

This piece was done with a self-taught technique in alcohol ink

MORE ON Steven Marshall

Image by Tara Spill

This is an abstract painting titled 'The People'.

MORE ON Tara Spill

Image by Daniel Merton

Photographs of the city of Sarajevo taken with a faulty old camera.

MORE ON Daniel Merton

Image by Gemma Lees

This is a 3D illustration by children's illustrator Gemma Lees.

MORE ON Gemma Lees

Image by Philip wmaier

Digital art utilising different tones, shapes, lines and colors.

MORE ON Philip wmaier

Image by Jared Semik

Painting titled "the pain of wanting'

MORE ON Jared Semik

Image by Eduardovaladez-arenas

A 3 part series called Pop Bodega

MORE ON Eduardovaladez-arenas

Image by Sarah Landstrom

Sarah focuses on the patterns and naturally-occurring vibrant colors that are found in fish species.

MORE ON Sarah Landstrom

Image by Alan Gordon

Mixed media on a canvas

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Image by Brian Nutt II

A two panel piece of spray paint art

MORE ON Brian Nutt II

Image by Chris Jones

Self Potrait, oil on canvas.

MORE ON Chris Jones

Image by Niki Bayard


MORE ON Niki Bayard

Image by Chris Peat

The Easterhouse. A soft ethereal representation of a harsh and very real landscape.

MORE ON Chris Peat

Image by Stuart Hausmann

Behind The Astronaut's Thumb - an oil painting on canvas.

MORE ON Stuart Hausmann

Image by Sarah Repp

Chain of Redemption. This is an acrylic painting on a 10x20 canvas.

MORE ON Sarah Repp

Image by Ryan Campbell

Geometric abstraction

MORE ON Ryan Campbell

Image by Dianna DeMoure

The sculptures are created using driftwood from Lake Superior.

MORE ON Dianna DeMoure

Image by Daniel Gilbreath

Inspired by a love of old school photography development.

MORE ON Daniel Gilbreath

Image by Aakash Ramesh

Graphite pencil portrait of a women expressing her emotions and experience through her face.

MORE ON Aakash Ramesh

Image by Brody Carcella

The door, an abstract piece with many layers to it.

MORE ON Brody Carcella

Image by William Strand

Water based oil painting by William Strand

MORE ON William Strand

Image by Dawn Conn

Taking the plunge - Mixed media sculpture

MORE ON Dawn Conn

Image by alison mcbride

Large abstract painting 5 feet square. Oil on canvas.

MORE ON alison mcbride

Image by Miguel Grande

This piece of art is entitled 'React' by LA artist Miguel Grande.

MORE ON Miguel Grande

Image by Moyra Blayney

'The last day of autumn' painted in acrylic.

MORE ON Moyra Blayney

Image by Brandon Carter

A white pencil on a black background. Titled 'Navy wedding'

MORE ON Brandon Carter

Image by Danny Molloy

Ink drawing combining zentangle design with natural plants and textures.

MORE ON Danny Molloy

Image by Craig Redden

This piece of art is titled 'The Birth' and represents Craig's views that we are reborn each day and change and grow.

MORE ON Craig Redden

Image by Anna Kolosova

Anna uses a mix of colors, textures and materials in her art.

MORE ON Anna Kolosova

Image by Richard Sears

Digital based fantasy artwork

MORE ON Richard Sears

Image by

Disney color rush characters painted on canvas with acrylic paint.


Image by stefanduncan

A painting using a unique style called Squiggleism.

MORE ON stefanduncan

Image by sharlavaleski

Untitled large scale fabric sculpture approx 17'x 15'x16'

MORE ON sharlavaleski

Image by Elizabeth Eade

An Abstract Oil on paper.

MORE ON Elizabeth Eade

Image by Geneva Carman

A painting about energy love and life

MORE ON Geneva Carman

Image by Wendy Dewar

A Scottish scene

MORE ON Wendy Dewar

Image by Tiffanie Mang

Morning Stroll a Digital Photoshop piece

MORE ON Tiffanie Mang

Image by Linda Coogan Byrne

MORE ON Linda Coogan Byrne

Image by Kyla Alty

Artist Kyla Alty makes her paintings come alive through layers of paint and ink being added and wiped away, from there she can see what direction to take the painting in.

MORE ON Kyla Alty

Image by Teona Teodorescu

Experimental communication using visual communication to express ideas

MORE ON Teona Teodorescu

Image by Sharon Harvey

Angel 210 x 126cm Mixed Media and Resin on Canvas

MORE ON Sharon Harvey

Image by Shanti Parks

Tells Creek, Acrylic on Canvas

MORE ON Shanti Parks

Image by Shane Catney

This is a digital portrait entitled 'Torn'.

MORE ON Shane Catney

Image by Rober Gilliam

A piece that embodies the color red.

MORE ON Rober Gilliam

Image by Riven Gray

Acrylic on canvas a3. My fimilar friend.

MORE ON Riven Gray

Image by Anthony Lopez

This is a combination of digital photography, photoshop and giclée print on canvas.

MORE ON Anthony Lopez

Image by Richard Estes

Self Check. Pastel on paper

MORE ON Richard Estes

Image by

Joseph Glover's photographic practice likes to explore the relationship between images and text, this is his visual response to one of his friends poems.


Image by

This piece represents the beauty and heat of our state, as the sun sets and the night comes alive.


Image by Raymond "Reibot" De LunaRei

Mass Hysteria

MORE ON Raymond "Reibot" De LunaRei

Image by Ramadi Asati

Oil on burlap on canvas

MORE ON Ramadi Asati


This piece is by @izzythomson1 and was inspired by a visit to Iceland.


Image by Jihoon Son

This illustration is by Edinburgh-based Jihoon Son as is his interpretation of festishism

MORE ON Jihoon Son

Image by Betsy Van Die

This mixed media piece is by Betsy Van Die created using pastel, charcoal, and found objects.

MORE ON Betsy Van Die


Shana Johnson created this abstract acrylic painting.


Image by Scott Kujat

Illinois-based Scott Kujat created this piece full of movement and color.

MORE ON Scott Kujat

Image by Sasha Mataya

This piece of body art has been created using acrylic and is by artist Sasha Mataya.

MORE ON Sasha Mataya

Image by Rich Morrison

San-Diego based artist Rich Morrison was inspired by the ocean in this surrealist interpretation.

MORE ON Rich Morrison

Image by Sara-Jean Baptiste

Artist Sara-Jean Baptiste created this figurative painting.

MORE ON Sara-Jean Baptiste

Image by Nicola Thompson

This multi media piece is by artist Nicola Thompson. Underlining textures, colours and moods are projected to provide an unfinished story.

MORE ON Nicola Thompson


Nafisa Iqbal is the artist behind this artwork, created with pencil and watercolor.



This illustration was created by the Michigan based artist, Marcus Shelton.


Image by MAI TA

This piece is by Mai Ta as part of a series exploring the mysterious and powerful presence of the tiger.



This piece is from Scottish artist Laura McGlinchey, and was made using a combination of sculpting, collaging and painting.


Image by Peter Hammond

Acrylic on canvas

MORE ON Peter Hammond


This mixed media on canvas piece is by @veronicashimanovskaya.



This abstract expressionist piece is by Dublin-based artist, @annahryniewiczart.



This bold acrylic piece is by Lianna Agius.



This abstract piece is acrylic on canvas and is by Edinburgh-based artist Hannah Fleetwood.


Image by BW001

This collage art piece was created by @bw001 using found photography of Macau.



Artist @jamesandrewtay uses a variety of materials and objects with a kitsch aesthetic to create his art.



This watercolor on a music sheet is by artist, Sean Bradley.


Image by Jessie Douglas

Artist Jessie Douglas (lymecaughtillustration) is slowly painting her way through the British fishing fleet. This is one of her creations.

MORE ON Jessie Douglas


This fantasy painting is acrylic on canvas and by artist Julie Witney.



This piece by @liammaddenbjnr is inspired by the energy of an inner city.



This piece created using watercolors, acrylics, pens and markers is by @emerroban and is inspired by the birth of her daughter.



This freehand illustration using biro and color pencil is by @UlyllaDesigns.


Image by Paul Wright

A piece by Paul Wright

MORE ON Paul Wright

Image by

This tonal abstract piece is by Anda Roxana Maximoiu



Artist @kcovellbullock creates her detailed illustrations using rough pen marks on plain canvas.


Image by ANA.JAKS

This bright and vibrant piece is by @ana.jaks.


Image by Ornella Polo

Oil painting on canvas

MORE ON Ornella Polo

Image by Nick Kampouris

Oil on canvas is of Sihk American actor Waris Ahluwalia

MORE ON Nick Kampouris

Image by DIANA.TERRY.777

Artist Diana Terry (@Diana.Terry.777) likes to capture the wild places she travels to.


Image by Megan Shay

Self Portrait: through blood and tears creates the color of your life.

MORE ON Megan Shay


This painting by @SandraDeanArtist was inspired by the final scene of the opera Madame Butterfly.



This human figure was created using acrylic paint, oil pastels and chalk pastels by Charlotte Simons (@Borderline_Genius)


Image by Matthew Terrell

This image was created using a surrealist-inspired double-exposure process

MORE ON Matthew Terrell

Image by Marcus Muccianti

Marcus Muccianti has an environmental science degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago. His 8 years of field-work have given him a unique perspective on landscapes and helped re-ignite his passion for photography.

MORE ON Marcus Muccianti


This painting by Marianada Silva, was inspired by her installation of the same theme.



This piece by Alexandra Gulea was inspired by her Grandmother's death.


Image by Maeve O'Briant

A piece by Maeve O'Briant

MORE ON Maeve O'Briant


This dramatic, abstract work is by @jack_cripps, who finds it easiest to express his emotions through his work.


Image by Madi Graham

A piece of work called 'time' which captures a single thought within a few seconds

MORE ON Madi Graham


This acrylic on canvas is an interpretative self portrait by @jinyongart


Image by Maddy Caless

An outside perspective of struggles that we go through

MORE ON Maddy Caless

Image by Lidia Si Meonova

Mixed media on paper

MORE ON Lidia Si Meonova

Image by hazelsoper

This is a digital collage by @hazelsoper, titled 'Obsession'.

MORE ON hazelsoper

Image by Laurie Kanyer

Work focusing on the past and the present

MORE ON Laurie Kanyer

Image by Mary Solberg

This painting, called 'Wallflower' is by Minnesota-based artist Mary Solberg.

MORE ON Mary Solberg

Image by JamieHouse

Large-scale evolving drawings made by charging sheets of paper with electricity

MORE ON JamieHouse

Image by James Lesjak-atton

Acrylic and aerosol on canvas

MORE ON James Lesjak-atton

Image by

Constructed wood forms, painted with graffiti -esque hieroglyphics and colorful shift points with text inpaint


Image by

Work that evokes a sense of chaos and serenity


Image by Amber Klein

Excuse my reach, Photography

MORE ON Amber Klein

Image by Leah St. Clair

Intuition and observations on paper using mixed media techniques.

MORE ON Leah St. Clair

Image by LaSalleThomas

Red scarf: 16x20 acrylic on canvas inspired by the energy changing season from summer to fall.

MORE ON LaSalleThomas

Image by Kirstyn O'Shea

Oil paint on board presenting bold images and colours.

MORE ON Kirstyn O'Shea

Image by Kate Miller

122 postcards for 122 days that were spent in Paris

MORE ON Kate Miller

Image by Joann Sondy

Inspired by the music of the great big bands and crooners of the the thirties and forties

MORE ON Joann Sondy

Image by James M. Malone

Ether Graffiti using with paint marker into a fluid Acrylic background.

MORE ON James M. Malone

Image by Jaiye Farrelljosh Farrel

A mix media piece titled Ancestors.

MORE ON Jaiye Farrelljosh Farrel

Image by Jade Sturrock

A mixed media acrylic painting and collage on wooden board by Jade Sturrock

MORE ON Jade Sturrock

Image by Ivan Stevens

The Red Virtuoso by Ivan Stevens

MORE ON Ivan Stevens

Image by Israel H. Guevara

Acrylics on wood and plastic by @Israelgurvaraart

MORE ON Israel H. Guevara

Image by Helen Hale

Pencil drawing by @helenhaleart

MORE ON Helen Hale

Image by Hanh Huynh

A piece from @hiia.huynh reflective world

MORE ON Hanh Huynh

Image by Eustace Pilgrim

Surrealist social realism by @Dukepills

MORE ON Eustace Pilgrim

Image by Erika Leal

Colored paradise inspired by Japanese culture

MORE ON Erika Leal

Image by Eloise Thorogood

Textile and spatial design

MORE ON Eloise Thorogood

Image by Edna Santiago

A colorful expressive piece by @EdnaSantiagoArtist

MORE ON Edna Santiago

Image by Ebony Bolt

A piece inspired by all the different people on the trains and buses during the commute to work in New York City

MORE ON Ebony Bolt

Image by Diogo Duarte

A self portrait project

MORE ON Diogo Duarte

Image by Diane Ball

Acrylic and ink by Diane Ball

MORE ON Diane Ball

Image by Derek Sim

Biro pen, collage

MORE ON Derek Sim

Image by Deborah Hunt

Surreal interpretation by Deborah Hunt

MORE ON Deborah Hunt

Image by Modah

Makeup artist and creative work by @Modah


Image by David Rogers

A study of cultures

MORE ON David Rogers

Image by Daniel Oree Originol

A series of portraits of people from marginalized communities by @OreeOriginol

MORE ON Daniel Oree Originol

Image by Daniel Bean

Rainbow Umbrella

MORE ON Daniel Bean

Image by Coz Kilbride

Part of a female illustration series by Coz Kilbride

MORE ON Coz Kilbride

Image by Christopher Johnson

Photo manipulation by Christopher Johnson

MORE ON Christopher Johnson

Image by Chelsie Dysart

Exploring the reversed roles of human and animal by @chelsiedoesart

MORE ON Chelsie Dysart

Image by Cameron Moore

@yoyocam takes a leap of faith in this frog picture

MORE ON Cameron Moore

Image by Bradley Conner

Oil on canvas by Bradley Conner

MORE ON Bradley Conner

Image by Beth Carey

Sculptures by @bethcarey_art

MORE ON Beth Carey

Image by Benjamin Casiano

Cubist work by @casianopaintings

MORE ON Benjamin Casiano

Image by Athena Angel

Drawing focusing on the energy of success @gddssnyc

MORE ON Athena Angel

Image by Angie Jones

A digital piece by @angiejonesart

MORE ON Angie Jones

Image by Andrew Sanchez

A graphic novel revolving about puzzle pieces by @testimony_of_colors

MORE ON Andrew Sanchez

Image by Alston Black

A bold and creative piece by @goold__incxx

MORE ON Alston Black

Image by Alex Laing

A painting by @alexlaingart

MORE ON Alex Laing

Image by @jenwalkerdesign

This piece is called 'Curiosity' and is by Glasgow based artist @jenwalkerdesign.

MORE ON @jenwalkerdesign

Image by bonnieleemanart

This piece, called 'Disillusionment', is by @bonnieleemanart.

MORE ON bonnieleemanart

Image by kcovellbullock

Artist @kcovellbullock creates her detailed illustrations using rough pen marks on plain canvas.

MORE ON kcovellbullock

Image by grahamred21

This acrylic on canvas is the portrayal of maternal instinct by @grahamred21

MORE ON grahamred21

Image by matthew_phelan_art

This expressive and vibrant piece is by @matthew_phelan_art, who is inspired by his experience in the tattoo industry.

MORE ON matthew_phelan_art

Image by @lucytrueloveartist

Artist @lucytrueloveartist creates mixed media paintings inspired by current politics and pop culture.

MORE ON @lucytrueloveartist

Image by lorylouves

This acrylic on canvas is by @lorylouves and is inspired by chakras, and the spiritual power of the human body. #radissonred #emergingartist #art #arte #art_collective #artoftheday #artsgallery #artofvisuals #art_empire #artsanity #artlovers #artlife #visualart #artspotlight #worldofartists #creativecloud #arts_gallery #artist #artistoninstagram #artistlife

MORE ON lorylouves

Image by ellisoconnor

This charcoal mixed media drawing is by artist @ellisoconnor and was inspired by the time she spent at the northernmost village in Iceland. #radissonred #emergingartist #art #arte #art_collective #artoftheday #artsgallery #artofvisuals #art_empire #artsanity #artlovers #artlife #visualart #artspotlight #worldofartists #creativecloud #arts_gallery #artist #artistoninstagram #artistlife

MORE ON ellisoconnor

Image by leekayb

This piece is by Leeds-based artist @leekayb whose primary interest is questioning the traditional qualities of beauty. #radissonred #emergingartist #art #arte #art_collective #artoftheday #artsgallery #artofvisuals #art_empire #artsanity #artlovers #artlife #visualart #artspotlight #worldofartists #creativecloud #arts_gallery #artist #artistoninstagram #artistlife

MORE ON leekayb

Image by @houseplantmist

This oil on canvas is by Jordanna Blake (@houseplantmist) and addresses the discourse between figuration and gesture.

MORE ON @houseplantmist

Image by @Kaygreen

This piece by @Kaygreen is an exploration between color and expressions in portraiture.

MORE ON @Kaygreen

Image by @herfoxcollective

This vibrant portrait of legendary musician Prince, is by 17 year old Nick Beebe (@herfoxcollective).

MORE ON @herfoxcollective

Image by @veronicashimanovskaya

This mixed media on canvas piece is by @veronicashimanovskaya.

MORE ON @veronicashimanovskaya

Image by @summerr_winterr

This piece is acrylic on canvas, by artist Summer Staires (@summerr_winterr)

MORE ON @summerr_winterr

Image by Faith Barnett

This piece by Faith Barnett is an expression of vitality and emotion.

MORE ON Faith Barnett

Image by kflartist

This fun painting is by Karen Fleming (kflartist) and is inspired by the colors found in children's playgrounds.

MORE ON kflartist

Image by Jing Lin Sahota

Oxford-based Jing Lin Sahota creates art inspired by expressionism and impressionism.

MORE ON Jing Lin Sahota

Image by joeymacalle

This eye-catching oil painting is by artist, @joeymacalle.

MORE ON joeymacalle

Image by Joseph Calleja

Artist Joseph Calleja has created a series of temporary interventions that involve glass and other media

MORE ON Joseph Calleja

Image by Josh Bowe

This colorful portrait is by Wales-based Josh Bowe.

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Image by Laura McGlinchey

This piece is from Scottish artist Laura McGlinchey, and was made using a combination of sculpting, collaging and painting.

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Image by Liam J Sproston

Artist Liam J Sproston uses different techniques to create his artwork including painting and lino cutting.

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Image by Lisa Ostman

Artist Lisa Ostman has created interesting portraits using illustration and paint.

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Image by Mai Ta

This piece is by Mai Ta as part of a series exploring the mysterious and powerful presence of the tiger.


Image by Malc Dow

This is a photography piece by Scotland based artist Malc Dow.

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Image by Marco Trejo

This monochrome illustration is by New York based artist, Marco Trejo.

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Image by Marcus Shelton

This illustration was created by the Michigan based artist, Marcus Shelton.

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Image by Mark Lloyd

This modernist graffiti-style image is by Mark Lloyd.

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Image by Mateja Smic

Mateja Smic is the artist behind this multi-layered monochrome piece.

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Image by Mauricio Paz Viola

Mauricio Paz Viola creates contemporary abstract artwork.

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Image by Megan Meyers

Illinois based Megan Meyers has created this piece as part of a project on imitationalism.

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Image by MilanByrdwell

This piece is by Chicago-based Milan Byrdwell, in digital format.

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Image by NicoleCarpinelli

Nicole Carpinelli is a neo-beat painter and created this symbolic piece.

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Image by PadraigByrne

This alternative illustration was drawn by Irish artist Padraig Byrne.

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Image by pharaohlaboa

@pharaohlaboa created this digital artwork.

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Image by RichMorrison

San-Diego based artist Rich Morrison was inspired by the ocean in this surrealist interpretation.

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Image by @ShabanaAbdul

This emotional, figurative piece is by London-based Shabana Abdul.

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Image by @SorayaBodorff

This abstract and colorful oil painting is by Soraya Bodorff.

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Image by BetsyVanDie

This mixed media piece is by Betsy Van Die created using pastel, charcoal, and found objects.

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Image by izzythomson1

This piece is by @izzythomson1 and was inspired by a visit to Iceland.

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Image by JihoonSon

This illustration is by Edinburgh-based Jihoon Son as is his interpretation of festishism

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Image by NathanCaldecott

This installation piece is by Nathan Caldecott from a series he describes as Total dematerialisation

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Image by TraceyWilkerson

Alexandria-based artist Tracey Wilkerson’s artwork is made using multiple materials.

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