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Avenida norte-sul

For an instant immersion into the new heart and soul of Campinas, this sleek new boulevard is hard to beat. The Avenue cuts through the city from north to south and is lined with smart business centres, shops and bars. There’s a parallel bike route, should you wish to soak it all up from the saddle.

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Centro – downtown

The oldest part of the city, and by some distance the eclectic, Centro is the main shopping area and transport hub – but stretch your legs and explore away from the main streets and you’ll find Largo do Pará – a pretty square – and Cambuí, an affluent neighborhood with several restaurants, bars and hotels.

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Vila industrial

This neighborhood, to the south of Campinas centre, is enjoying a new lease of life as something of a ‘Meatpacking District’ – with its Culture Station (an old train station) hosting gigs and workshops, and the exciting Teatro Municipal José de Castro Mendes (Praça Correa de Lemos) – Campinas’ well-respected municipal theatre, hosting a variety of performances all year long.

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The historic neighborhood of Joaquim Egidio, once a sleepy backwater of coffee farms and small holdings, has definitely got its groove on. These days, it’s a bo-ho melting pot of coffee houses, cobblestone-lined streets, and pleasant restaurants. At night, funky bars compete for your custom and by day there’s even a nature trail you can take to experience the area’s solid eco-tourism.

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One of the city’s swankiest neighborhoods, Cambui’s upscale bars, shops, clubs and restaurants make this an attractive proposition for a dressed-up night on the town. Amid the sleek new apartment high-rises, you’ll find rows of traditional streets lined with excellent restaurants and bars.

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Around 15 km (9 mi) from downtown Campinas, this is student-central, home of the city’s University. It’s one of the greenest districts of Campinas, with several lakes and the glorious Mata of Santa Genebra, a large preservation area where the original rain forest which once covered the region can be explored. It’s still home to spotted jaguars!

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The Cultural Community Center of Campinas offers a healthily-subscribed multipurpose venue where theatre, dance, art exhibitions and family-friendly outdoor events all summer long. There’s a great craft fair most Saturdays and Sundays too.

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To the east of the city, this self-contained suburb has a likeable, small-town feel. Great for a weekend wander, Sousas’ street markets, parks and bars give the place a contented vibe. A historic area, Sousas is awash with elegant churches and chapels. Eating? Try Feijão com Tranqueira (Etr Joaquim Egídio Cabras) for typical Brazilian countryside fare.

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