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While its mega-city neighbor, Sao Paolo, grabs the headlines, Campinas is making great strides in finding its own niche: nurturing its own talent in a series of freewheeling arts and culture festivals. The city showcases the brightest and best talents in the many eclectic galleries and cultural spaces.


A one-stop shop for all things leisure, culture, shows and events: this is a theatre, swimming pool, internet cafe, art gallery and general social melting pot for the city. There’s always something worth checking out here. And there’s a dentist, too. Handy to know.

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The ‘culture station’ – an old railway station – is enjoying a second lease of life as one of the city’s most welcoming cultural spaces. Theatre, art, music and courses animate this landmark building all year long. In summer, the station’s huge covered platforms are the stage for thrilling live concerts featuring the country’s hottest pop acts.

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Classical music, children’s theatre, lectures and keynotes from visiting luminaries, and all sorts of inclusive, life-affirming explorations of culture in all its forms makes this one of Campinas’ most eclectic and essential spots. Oh, and there’s a great cafe too.

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MIS Museum of Image and Sound

An audio-visual institution aiming to capture and preserve an ‘audiovisual memory collection of the city’. What’s that mean? It means an ever-changing programme of video, audio, music, movies, tech and trends. From Hitchcock to Brazilian clarinet: sound and vision doesn’t get more thrilling than at this inventive space.

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MACC ‐ Museum of Contemporary Art of Campinas

Founded in 1965, this excellent gallery is home to paintings, sculptures, works on paper and installations featuring important Brazilian artists. Yes, it’s focussed on the best local talent – but when it’s this good, why look elsewhere? Temporary exhibitions all year round.

MACC-001 MACC-002 MACC-003


The building was the first Campinas casting company, which was the foundation for all rail development and consequently the city.Created from the collections of three other museums, with works from the old Historical Museum, the Folklore Museum and the Indian Museum, this excellently curated ensemble hosts courses, seminars and theatrical exhibitions: but as an instant primer of the city’s backstory, it’s hard to beat.

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This new building is the suitably dramatic home to the best in new, experimental Brazilian theatre, stand-up, dance and touring productions. The largest theatre in the city, expect everything from Portuguese-language productions of ‘Blood Brothers’ to children’s fairytales and opera.

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Museo Carlos Gomes

The only non-European composer who was successful as an operatist in Italy, Carlos Gomes’ private collection (including some 600 scores) is carefully assembled in this lovingly curated museum (which feels more like a shrine, if we’re honest.) It’s a fitting tribute to one of the city’s most celebrated sons, and a rare glimpse into early 18th century society, Campinas-style.

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