When the sun goes down, the temperature hots up in the bars in the Cambuí neighborhood and in the nightclubs located in the city’s largest malls, such as the glitzy Parque Dom Pedro Mall. Head to the smarter northern and eastern suburbs, and you’ll enjoy sertanejo and electronic music all night long.


You can eat well and drink good Guinness at this likeable slice of the Emerald Isle, set adrift in the South Atlantic. Themed on a clinker-built old Viking ship, the interior’s a warren of cosy snugs, a stage for rock’n’roll and a bar gleaming with Irish whisky and rows of draft beers. There’s even a motorbike workshop!

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City Bar

Football crazy, and great for a quick bite to eat, City Bar isn’t the most sophisticated joint in town. But that’s fine with us. Go for the salt cod pie and the beer, and it’ll be alright with you too. Sometimes you really can’t judge a book by its cover: City Bar is just that sort of place.
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Casa Sao Jorge

Something of a Campinas institution, Casa Sao Jorge is a riotous, old school, stripped back samba bar – with good music, great beer and a (usually) very, very busy dancefloor. It’s a sweaty, sociable and age-irrelevant sort of place. You can fill up on tasty snacks here, but it’s mostly about the music.

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In some ways, this is a place to go see, and be seen but the attitude is friendly, and the beer reassuringly cold. A one-room bar/diner (the steaks and pizzas come highly recommended), with generous outdoor terrace, this is a great place to chill for the evening.

SeoRosa-001 SeoRosa-002


Aiming to bring a touch of authenticity back into our evenings, this joyous bar brings a little of the Rio carioca night to Campinas – think a little Samba, and a twist of gastronomy. “We bring the joy of Rio de Janeiro to this democratic space where you are immensely welcome,” they say. They do. CasaRio-002 CasaRio-004 CasaRio-005

MILORD ‐ Tavern bar

There’s something of the Game of Thrones about the enjoyable Milord Tavern. This candle-lit tavern takes you right back to the Middle Ages, with swords, banners, shields and rough-hewn tables: enjoy a flagon of ale, served by the winsome ‘Miladys’, or maybe a sack of wine is more to your taste?

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Echoes Studio Bar

A Barão Geraldo favorite. Rock, blues and jazz are the mainstays at this popular music bar, but really anything goes here. Live bands, DJs, parties and events light up a week-round program of good times. You can enjoy a beer and a skewer of grilled Brazilian steak on the streets if it all gets too hot (or too loud) inside. But if it does, you really have to ask yourself – what are you doing in Brazil, anyway?

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Espaco MOG

Close to the university, this intimate club plays host to touring DJs and bands, and, with its art-influenced aesthetic tries to attract Campinas’ counter-culture set. In truth, it’s a little more mainstream these days, and you’re as likely to hear Amy Winehouse as you are cutting edge Brazilian EDM. But if you like to dress up and shake your thing, you could do far worse.

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