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Campinas loves to shop – and is well served with a combination of malls (Iguatemi Campinas and Shopping Parque Dom Pedro being the largest) markets and chic designer stores. For homespun and crafty, head to the hippy market which takes over the city centre every Saturday morning. But don’t forget to haggle!


Abstract, geometric, screen print, photography, collage – whatever shape you take your wall art, this bright and funky gallery/store sells it, frames it and ships it.

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From retro lighting to industrial-chic shelving, risograph prints to sleek ceramics, this is where the smart set goes to furnish their new apartment. With souvenir-sized bits and bobs, you could make a start on yours too.

MercattoCasa-001 MercattoCasa-002 MercattoCasa-003 MercattoCasa-004


With over 260 stores, this is your one-stop shopping fix for fashion, tech, home, baby, beauty and gifts. There’s a decent selection of food and drink pit stops too. Good for big-ticket items and, of course, for all those global brands you simply can’t live without.


From French retail giant, Fnac, to US fast-fashion brand Forever 21, this mall offers fresh, funky shopping for fashion-conscious types. A decent selection of food – from sushi to steak – makes Dom Pedro a good bet for a serious day’s contactless card action.

Bier Platz

All things hop, yeast and water at this shrine to the golden alchemy of beer. And we’re not just talking Brazilian brews (but there are plenty of these), but the finest imports from Belgium (of course) Germany (naturally) and England (curiously).

BierPlatz-001 BierPlatz-002 BierPlatz-003 BierPlatz-004

Josefina Rosacor

Originally from Rio de Janeiro, the Campinas store is located in the newest wing of the Shopping Iguatemi Campinas.
Store with unique style and creative products in accessories and decor.

JosefinaRosacor-002 JosefinaRosacor-003 JosefinaRosacor-004 JosefinaRosacor-005


With a multiplex cinema, a handful of restaurants and hundreds of shops – from Accessorize to l’Occitane, Pandora to the wonderfully named House of Panties, this is air-conditioned retail therapy at its most inviting. But possibly not its most surprising.

Livraria da Vila

This beautiful bookstore shows, defiantly, that the printed word is far from dead. Shelves positively groan under the weight of books, periodicals, academic tomes and popular fiction. Yes, most of them are in Portuguese – but there are English titles aplenty too. Decent cafe, and occasional book readings.

LivrariaDaVila-002 LivrariaDaVila-003 LivrariaDaVila-004  LivrariaDaVila-006


From Pokemon to Harry Potter – this is geek central for gamers, board-game fans, collectible comics, superhero figures and all things graphic,pixel, joystick and touch-screen related. Prepare to lose an afternoon.

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Mix Bazar

This beautifully curated store fuses fashion, art and design and promotes the very best new Brazilian design. Timeless classics rub shoulders with crisp new must-haves in interior design, accessories and art.

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