Minneapolis is a city of wonder filled with lots of things to see and do. The city is bursting with style and has some great shopping areas like the Warehouse District and Hennepin Avenue for those who like to shop till you drop. Or if you would rather spend your afternoon seeing what the city has to offer in terms of culture then you are in luck, the Blockley Gallery is the best place to check out up and coming artists, and the Mill City Museum showcases Minneapolis’s history.

Of course you have to see the city’s main attractions. But follow our lead, sneak a little off the beaten track and make like a local in a nearby bolt hole. Whether you’re in need of a reviving coffee, a light lunch, or something stronger…we know just the place.

See: Lake Bde Maka Ska (formerly Lake Calhoun)

Part of the city’s delightful Grand Rounds scenic park, Lake Bde Maka Ska is the largest lake in Minneapolis, and connects to the city’s Chain of Lakes. Edged by leafy parks, walking trails, picnic tables and fishing spots, this is where Minneapolis meets the great outdoors. On sunny days you can hire a boat for a day’s sailing (or take a boat tour), or stretch out and soak up the rays on North Beach.

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Then Visit: Barbette

Watch the world go by from Barbette (1600 West Lake Street) – an arty/casual dining spot, great for vegetarians too, serving fresh salads, grills and great French wine til late.


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See: Minneapolis Institute of Art

This impressive fine art museum finds space around 80,000 objects covering 5,000 years of human creativity. It’s big on decorative arts, painting and textiles. Its Asian art collection is considered the best in the US – but it’s strong on African and Native American art too, and European art from the Renaissance to the 20th century is well represented. It’s free to enter.


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Then Visit: Spyhouse Coffee Shop

Grab an artisan-roast coffee at the slick Spyhouse Coffee Shop, who source and roast all their in-house brews. Good for a quick lunch too (2451 Nicollet Ave.)


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See: Guthrie Theatre

Rebuilt in 2006, this shiny black monolithic structure houses some of the city’s biggest theatrical events, as well as visiting shows and musicals. But this space is best known, still, for its inhouse, and deft productions of Shakespeare’s works.


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Then Visit: The Sanctuary Restaurant

New American dining is the calling card at The Sanctuary Restaurant. A downtown restaurant serving creative and delicious takes on Midwestern classics (903 S Washington Ave.)


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See: Frederick R Weisman Art Museum

You can’t miss Frank Gehry-designed shimmering steel silhouette of the Weisman Art Museum. But don’t be fooled by the architectural hysterics – the real story’s on the inside. Within, the museum’s collection features early twentieth-century American artists, such as Georgia O’Keeffe and the dazzling story of American Modernism. It’s strong on Oriental ceramics too.




Then Visit: Loring Bar & Restaurant

So, what is this place? Beneath its riotous flying steel beams and walls of exposed brick, tile and mind-boggling ephemera, Loring dishes up pizza, pasta, flat-iron steak and…music. A restaurant, bar, nightclub and, if we’re honest, way of life.



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